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If you're reading this, it's likely you know someone who is or has been, or have been affected by mental health personally. 

Demand for’s programming is spiking, and the young leaders of are working harder than ever to make sure young people are able to care for their own mental health and to support their peers. They're taking a leadership role both locally and nationally, advocating for better access to support, improved systems, increased education, and the eradication of stigma. And I stand with them.

By fundraising for's youth mental health programs, Braden is trying to do his part to support progress in youth mental health. Please consider making a donation alongside him, and we can stand behind these powerful young people together.

Whether it's $2, $5 or $200 ... trust us, it all adds up and makes a difference! Regardless of the amount, we can't thank you enough for your consideration and contribution, and we look forward to recognizing you as a sponsor on our website. 


Your contribution is an act of love and strength. 

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