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Become a Sponsor

In order for all funds raised through the R.A.C.E campaign to go directly to, we're searching for sponsors to support the ride itself! We've created a number of different opportunities below, but if you have something else in mind, please don't hesitate to contact us directly so we can discuss your idea and what we can offer you in exchange for your generosity. 

Sponsor a Day


Between food and accommodations, we have estimated that the ride will cost an average of $200 per day, totalling an estimated $10,000 for the duration of the ride. Therefore, we're asking folks to sponsor a day. 

In exchange, you'll receive a personal thank you message from Braden with an update about your day and, of course, a shoutout on social media!

Equipment Sponsors

Cycling across Canada will require more than just a bike! In return, your sponsorship will be mentioned on the website and across social media platforms with a growing 10 thousand follower reach. 


 If you can donate or sponsor any of the following, please reach out.

  • bike

  • bike parts

  • bike repair shops on route

  • bike bags

  • cycling kits

  • outerwear (all seasons)

  • cycling hard goods (helmets, shoes, etc.)

  • cycling tech (GPS, lights)

  • camera gear (GoPro Hero 11, 360 camera)

  • touring van 

  • If a tax receipt for Canada is needed, please donate directly to the organization,

  • All remaining funds donated to the R.A.C.E. campaign itself will be donated back to upon completion.

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