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April 6 - Laugh for Good Comedy Night

Get ready for a hilarious night of stand-up comedy at Black Bellows with a chance to win big in our raffle draw supporting mental health with host Lindsey Bradbury. This event is taking place from 7-10pm on Thursday, April 6 at Black Bellows Craft Brewery. This event is 19+ and tickets are available online for $20. PURCHASE HERE:

Laugh For Good Comedy is hosting a hilarious and heartwarming comedy night at Black Bellows, with a special twist to support a great cause. As you enter the venue, you'll be greeted with the buzz of excited chatter and laughter from the lively crowd. The room is lit up with a warm and inviting atmosphere, ready for an evening of good fun and good vibes.

The event is not just about having a great time, it's also a fundraiser for mental health awareness. To show support for the cause, a raffle draw will be held during the show. Participants can purchase tickets for a chance to win exciting prizes donated by local businesses, with all proceeds going towards mental health awareness and to support Braden on his trek across Canada on his bike.

The show features local comedians who are eager to connect with the community and showcase their talents. The line-up is a diverse range of comedic styles, from witty one-liners to hilarious anecdotes, all aimed at making you laugh until your sides hurt.

The emcee kicks off the show with some lighthearted banter and introduces the first comedian, who strides onto the stage with a confident grin. As they launch into their set, the crowd erupts with laughter and applause, setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

Throughout the night, the comedians keep the audience entertained with their hilarious antics, and the crowd responds with enthusiastic cheers and applause. With each new performer, the energy in the room builds, and the laughter becomes contagious.

As the show draws to a close, the raffle winners are announced, and the lucky ones come up to claim their prizes amid cheers and high fives. The event ends on a high note, with a sense of community and connection that comes from coming together for a good cause and a great night of comedy.

Overall, the comedy night at Black Bellows is a fantastic way to enjoy an evening out with friends, have a good laugh, and support a meaningful cause. You'll leave with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart, knowing that you've helped make a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health issues.

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