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Sponsorship Highlight: Vortex Wellness



"Hi, we’re Daniel and Steve – the co-founders of Vortex. We both have strong connections to Collingwood – one of us was born and raised here (Daniel), and the other lived out his childhood weekends at Blue Mountain (Steve). We even got married here! After many years living in downtown Toronto and, most recently San Diego, we settled back into our roots – and we’re bringing our experiences with us.

Discover new ways to feel awesome in a vibrant, state-of-the-art wellness facility where science-backed technology meets mindfulness. Vortex offers private wellness sessions to level up your mind and body, shift your state, and leave you feeling fantastic.

Looking for the best spa in Collingwood? Come on, you’ve done the ‘spa thing’ – this is a new thing. We’re flippin’ the script on self care to help you increase energy, decrease stress, and feel good faster in a cozy, luxurious space."



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